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Flagship Series


  • US$2,999

CHIRON unveils the next chapter in the Hall of Fame series - A combination of the new flagship Centurion’s power and Horus’ magnificence.

CHIRON will feature the UP-OCC gold plated silver-gold alloy material mixed with the classic material of the Hall of Fame series - UP-OCC gold plated silver material.


Resulting in a perfect blend of voice「the Power of A Tiger」 and 「the Refined Delicacy of A Rose」.


Equipped with a new custom Y-split design, the Y-split exudes Raw Strength and Vigor, highlighting a distinct octagonal cut, sandblasted, and polished surface that splits into three parts: the top headguard, middle face, and bottom seal. These parts resemble a V-shaped Helmet, shielding the inner face and embodying the spirit of the CHIRON.


Chiron comes with ConX Full Set

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The most intelligent Centaur in Greek mythology, he was much sought after as a tutor of heroes. He was called the 'wisest and justest of all the centaurs'. With his knowledge, he resided secluded on Mount Pelion, where, in his cave, he studied and learned.

In me, the tiger sniffs the rose

Tiger and rose are within every man, who controls the balance among them are the truly strong.

EA customized ‘C’ Titanium Slider was inspired by CHIRON’s capital letter ‘C’. Combine with the addition of jewelry cutting modeling technology, the result is nothing but natural.

CHIRON’s modest and sophisticated design is featured using Matte Sandblasting Titanium Plug Casing with Carbon Fibre paired with Titanium Shelled ConX® Interchangeable Connector.

Much like a humble hermit whose light was hidden. Yet remains the center of attention with its talent and potential.


Hermits are the strong in their pursuit of perfection

The first time use of EA UltraFlexi Insulation - Matte Clear Black material creates a relatively soft wide surface that dissipates the pressure around the ear. It brings comfort without reducing stability. 

Equipped with a standard ConX ®️ Interchangeable Connector allows CHIRON for more possibility for changes.


Custom Y Split Design (2023 Version)

With a custom Y-split design exquisitely constructed from the finest Titanium and Carbon Fiber, this 2023 revised design has been meticulously crafted through multiple revisions to extract its core essence. 


The Y-split has a distinct octagonal cut sandblasted, and polished surface that splits into three distinct parts: the top headguard, middle face, and the bottom seal. Together, these components harmonize into a resplendent V-shaped Helmet, shielding the core with unwavering strength, and epitomizing the spirit of the CHIRON.

Chiron Leather Carrying Case – Ashen Grey

Drawing inspiration from the ash-coloured tones often found in the surroundings of Mount Pelion, the CHIRON Leather Case in 2023 combines the uniqueness of the location with a touch of elegance while maintaining CHIRON’s low-key personality. Every Ashen Grey coloured nylon thread is selected carefully and hand-stitched to achieve its perfect durability and style. With the EA classic side-opening structure, it ensures effortless portability and convenience. Its Alcantara leather material will prevent accidental drops and collisions by cushioning the external force effectively and its ‘Sully” France Goat Leather ensures a soft and smooth touch, enhancing both comfort and tactile pleasure.




(For other termination alternatives such as JH 7-Pin, etc, please drop an email to info@effectaudio.com to pre-order.)

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