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CODE Series


  • US$799

The Intergalactic Gem


Discover a magical gem from an unknown planet, emanating an otherworldly glow that envelops everything in its proximity, transforming your auditory experience into a mesmerizing quest of masterclass precision.


CODE 24 is a representation of our relentless pursuit, pushing a single material to its fullest potential. Befitting our flagship Silver-Plated Copper cable label, CODE 24 integrates the best from CODE 23, elevating multiple technologies and functionalities into a coherent piece of tech—featuring our newest 2024 Trio-Flex™ Pure Solid Core System, a total of 13 multi-size core bundles, a proprietary blend of multi-size strands, a whopping 16.5 AWG, and more. The result is an ergonomic and unfiltered listening experience with outstanding technical mastery.


Listen to our flagship-level Silver-Plated Copper cable with a signature "Super-Tweeter effect" and get ready to be transported into an intergalactic realm.


Carrying Bag is provided


IEM Version: Default 1.2m

Headphone Version: Default 1.5m (For other lengths, do contact us to find out more)


Colors Available:

- Cosmic Blue 


CODE 24 comes with ConX Basic Set (2-Pin and MMCX Only)


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