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  • US$1,499.00

The Axiom is Effect Audio’s latest groundbreaking in-ear monitors. The Axiom is more than just a technical audio device. This is an experience product that grows with you; its modular design empowering the most discerning of users with absolute control and scalability. 


This is our statement on what an personal audiophile product of the 21st century should be like: embodying all of the virtues of sustainability, versatility and user experience in one product.

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This is probably the first personal audio product in the world to be designed with sustainable features from the moment of its conception. In addition to minimised packaging and included accessories, this is also the first in-ear monitors in the world to include a Modular Unit (MU) System that promises maximum scalability and user interactivity for years to come.

IMPORTANT: Please note that every Axiom will not ship with a stock cable. Customers are highly encouraged to reuse whatever they have or may also choose to opt-in to our perpetual Cable Bundle programme.

Versatility & Comfort

Every Axiom is optimised for a wide variety of usage applications, genres of sonic content and for extended hours of listening. The shell and nozzle are the collective results of extensive in-house research and ergonomic studies before arriving at these designs.

The sound signature can also be described as non-fatiguing; with a reference-class voicing. This comes from many years of experience and input from audiophiles everywhere as the most versatile and user-friendly design. Customers are more than welcome to craft their own sounds using their favourite accessories. 

SAFETY WARNING: Please practice safe listening habits and use this product responsibly. Exposure to excessive noise will cause irreversible hearing damage and bodily harm. 


User Experience: Every unboxing of the Axiom to be a unique adventure.

From the moment of unboxing to the first listen of the product, Axiom customers can expect to be taken on an exciting adventure through the mystical Orient. Numerous design elements harking back to ancient Far East are interwoven with multisensory experiences, awaiting to be discovered.

Driver system: 2-way BA-DD hybrid

Drivers: 12mm magnesium dynamic driver with LCP suspension (bass, mids),
twinned FK-series Knowles Balanced armatures (high frequencies) 

Linear Frequency response (-6dB): 20 to 16,800 Hz

Crossover frequency: 4,800 Hz

Crossover architecture: Proprietary RC architecture

Impedance: 32Ω @ 1 kHz

Sensitivity: 112 dB/mW @ 1 KHz

Weight (without cable): 10.2 g
MU System Modules:MMCX and CIEM (2-Pin)