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ConX Reserve

  • US$50.00

ConX allows you to simply click the top-end connector of your choosing into your cable, providing maximum versatility for your favorite cables. No longer do you have to choose which iems to buy a cable for, and which not.

ConX Reserve will be available for 2-pin, MMCX Connector.

This product page is for the ConX Reserve connector only.

To upgrade your cables with the ConX connector, please send in a request email to

Out Of Stock!

The product is out of stock, submit your email and we will update once it restock.

Through rigorous testing, we sourced the best materials to ensure the connector’s resistance is kept at a minimum. As a result, the performance of the ConX connectors is on par, if not exceeding those of most connectors on the market today when it comes to sound quality – just as you have come to expect from Effect Audio.

- 2 sets of 2 - Pin Connectors

- 2 sets of MMCX connectors


If you have a mix of 2pin and mmcx IEMs and swap cables using 2pin-mmcx adapters, ConX will be a much cleaner and a more practical solution to consider. 

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If you have a series of Effect Audio IEM cables or if you’re planning to buy one, I fully recommend to spend the additional $50 USD on the ConX system, to make your cable more versatile. It’s a small price to pay to be able to use your fav IEM cable with IEMs with different connectors.

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