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  • US$3,750

by Lime Ears

In Jungian psychology, the Anima refers to the vibrancy and spirituality in a man’s soul, just like an internal sense of style. The Anima reveals the wondrous and lighthearted spirit that exists in the music that we listen to – just like a hearty chuckle. The pure rush of emotions that we experience, the lightheadedness of a good piece of music, like seeing the Sistine Chapel being painted across time. 


Expect a spacious, holographic wide sound image that dances lightly and lively around the tracks. The Anima extracts the best of 10 drivers including a new generation Sonion Balanced Armature driver and an organic horn shaped nozzle design. Jump right into its textured lows, buttery mids and intricate highs with the Anima!




Suggested Pairings: 

  • Chiron 4W: Increases intensity and facilitates faster decay, offering a more vivid and immediate sound signature. (Usual Price $1999)
  • Chiron: Nova: A personal favorite of the founder, this cable adds body and imparts a nuanced smoothness, enriching the overall audio texture. (Usual Price $2499)

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