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  • US$2,999


Featuring state-of-the-art tribrid set up - 1 Dynamic Driver, 4 Balanced Armatures and 2 Electrostatic Drivers, the ANNIHILATOR provides for a truly intoxicating audio experience. On top of the high performance drivers, ANNIHILATOR is also powered by multiple in-house technologies such as 3D AccuPost System and Dive Pass Module for a meticulous sound positioning and a deep controlled bass.


Each Annihilator is meticulously hand-crafted upon order by Mr Lee, Founder of Elysian Acoustic Labs, with a production timeline of approximately two months.


*Every product from ELYSIAN ACOUSTIC LABS purchased in this bundle deal includes a complimentary ConX Pentaconn Ear Connector.


Suggested Pairings: 


  • Fusion 1: Increases immersiveness with a touch of warmth, making for a lush and engaging listening experience. (Usual Price $999)

  • Cleopatra II OCTA: Founder’s favourite pairing, this cable elevates detail retrieval and transparency, ensuring an ultra-clear and articulate audio presentation. (Usual Price $1799)


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