Experiencing audio pleasure, the way you like it

Hearing is universal, listening is personal. That’s why Effect Audio is dedicated to provide a personalised service that lets you listen your way. With our custom-made cables that are manufactured in-house and according to your liking, you can finally experience a tailored sound with the right combination of materials and other specifications.



Come sit with us for a chit-chat or write to us about what your ideal sound would be.

We consult with you and advise you on the different specifications of your earphones, from the materials used, distribution and braiding, right down to the gauge of cables desired.


Following your requested specifications, we get down to planning and designing your cables, to give you a glimpse of how it would look like.

You are more than welcome to take part in the process, providing your inputs as we go along. After all, it is your personalised experience.


As soon as we fine-tune the minor design aspects, we get down to executing your project.

We will always keep you updated, giving you a heads up should we run into any potential issues or require you to make a decision at crucial junctures.


When your personalised end-product is completed, we will invite you over for a drink or two, as we let you test your new pair of cables.

Experience the utmost satisfaction that comes from the knowing that you are the creator of the product, and there is no other like yours.


We take pride in your listening, so you can be proud of what you listen.

Do you have an enquiry for us? Kindly feel free to contact us and send us a message using the form below. We will get back to you within 24 Hours.

Contact us for for other customization options.

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