Heritage Series

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Heritage Series


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With characteristics reminiscent of the  famed Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra impresses with the refinement of its serene clarity: its bold midrange provides high levels of detail, and is completed with a velvety smooth but clear treble, shining through with its UP-OCC pure Silver exterior.

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Cleopatra embodies the unification of our hallmark design elements, combining a Golden Ratio Dispersion geometry with Multi-Sized strands of special  selected UP -OCC Pure Silver wires. 


Cleopatra is a one-of-a-kind Silver cable that manifests superb solvency and incredible audiophile technicalities. 


A truly defining moment of Pure Silver cables and breaking down the previous predisposed walls of what silver cables can achieve in our audio chain.


Woven Kevlar infused Septuplet Core Bundle Litz was also used in the cable to prevent the cable from oxidising further extending its aesthetic longevity in both sound and looks.

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