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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Code 51

  • US$2,388.00

Code 51 embodies our vision to create a sound that comes as close to the original recording as possible.  A truly uncolored yet organic tonality is combined with top-tier levels of resolution and transparency to create a highly realistic sound by the combination of the  Gold Plated Silver / Silver Gold Alloy / Palladium Plated Silver Hybrid.

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Through unprecedented levels of resolution and transparency, Code 51 demonstrates the power of realism when it comes to enjoying music.

Our mission was to venture into the unchartered territory: creating a truly uncoloured sound that lets the beauty of the music shine through in its purest form.


Code 51’s powerful synergies are further drawn out with the application of Effect Audio’s custom-engineered cable geometry, the “Multi-sized and Multi-Bundle Stranded” design.

Unlike our previous flagship, the cable utilises 24 AWG ensuring the cable with the least resistance in the EA line-up.


Using the principle of the Golden Ratio Dispersion, to optimise precise implementation of the ratios, and geometrical arrangements of the materials to achieve a sound that leaves users wondering how the complex processes can be recreated to such simple perfection.


For JH24 Set (With Bass Control), it is only available for 6wires or 8wires configuration. Please write in a "Bespoke" request to us.

  • 24AWG 4 wires

  • Selected Premium UP-OCC Material

  • Gold Plated Silver / Silver Gold Alloy / Palladium Plated Silver Hybrid

  • Golden Ratio Dispersion Multi-sized and Multi-Bundle Stranded

  • Individually Enamelled Strands

  • Superior PSquared / P-EA Plug with Titanium Casing

  • EA UltraflexiInsulation

HF-1     Headfonia.com

Code 51 offers a micro detail view at music, that misses nothing. It gives you everything and then some. It brings EA’s typical house smoothness and packs it with unmatched resolution, layering and a massive stage. 
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HF-1     Headfonics.com

Code 51 is clean, more explosive on the low-end and a shade taller to boot with more sparkle. It retains all the hallmarks of Octa’s holographic sound but adds even more depth and height to the 64 Audio Tia Trio’s staging capability."

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THL1     TheHeadphonelist.com

The Code 51 by Effect Audio is an absolutely titanic effort. It manifests the technical bests of any monitor it’s paired with, guaranteeing top-end stage expansion, effortless resolution and incredibly defined layering at all times. 
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