EVO Series

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EVO Series

EVO Series


  • US$388.00

EVO 1 is designed with a unique blend of UP - OCC Gold - Plated Copper, UP - OCC Silver - Plated Copper UP - OCC and hand - picked Oxygen-Free Copper wires. 

EVO 1 redefines the delicate harmonics in the upper-midrange, allowing among others female vocals and string instruments to shine.

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The EVO 1 has a melodious signature designed for music lovers that prefer a clear and detailed midrange without sacrificing on smoothness or tone.

On top of the distinctive sound signature, EVO 1 introduces a brand new concept of play that would allow you to evoke your EVO style and showcase the detailed craftsmanship in the appearance of the wire cores through the transparent window, with the help of the Bundled Litz Enhanced Surlyn® Insulation which prevents oxidization of the cable from happening.

Apart from the transparent Y-split, the EVO 1 comes along with three interchangeable E-faces for you accessorize with your every style.




  • 26 AWG 4 wires

  • Interchangeable E-Face Y-Split Design 

  • Selected Gold Plated & Silver Plated UP-OCC Copper 

  • Handpicked OFC Copper 

  • Bundled Litz Enhanced Surlyn® Insulation & EA UltraFlexi™ Insulation

  • Individually Enamelled Strands Septupled Core

HFi     mvvRAZ, Head-fi user

The EVO1 is a very, very intense and fun sounding cable. It is definitely up there with the cables that have had the most pronounced coloration to my ears, slapping what I'd almost call a "filter" on the IEMs. It boost both the midrange and the bass, bringing things closer to you, giving them warmth, weight and texture. It has an extremely engaging presentation (I'd actually say too much so), and in some ways actually reminds me of the LP W2 and what that does to IEMs
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YT     In-Ear World
The first thing that jumped out at me is the increase in body and vibrancy of the mid-range. More so, the vibrancy of the upper mids.