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Genesis is the culmination of months of research sprung from the collaboration between Effect Audio and Jomo Audio. With no expenses sparred and nothing compromised, every component in the signal chain is maximised to bring you unrivalled performance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Patent pending IsoFlux™ technology

  • Custom precision CNC-machined gold plated nozzle

  • 5 drivers, 4-way passive crossover, 3 acoustic waveguide

  • UPOCC gold plated silver internal wiring and bundled cable – Effect Audio’s Mars

  • Mundorf M-solder silver gold supreme solder


  • IsoFlux™ is a nano magnetic coating that isolates the drivers from electromagnetic interference from both the external environment as well as the other drivers in the circuit. Eliminating EM interference translates to heightened driver accuracy and an increased efficiency of energy exchange between the incoming electrical signal and resultant sound pressure, serving to bring the Genesis to new, unheard of heights in technical performance.

  • The precision made to order CNC Gold Plated Nozzle serves to deliver bass accuracy and increased resolution.

  • Effect Audio's highly acclaimed gold plated silver OCC flagship cable, the Mars, is the sole conductor used in the Genesis for signal transport from the audio source, with the Mars being included as the bundled cable as well as being utilised within the monitor itself for end-to-end synergy; squeezing every last drop of performance from the highly optimised components.

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