Vogue Series

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Vogue Series

Vogue Series


  • US$199.00

Grandioso employs ultra-purity OCC pure copper and pure silver materials , coupled with upgraded cable geometry design pushes the envelope for a natural yet detailed tonality.

The copper wires provide a smooth and warm undertone to the silver wires’ clear-sounding midrange.

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Grandioso built with the Ultra Purity- OCC copper and silver dynamics and utilising the Golden Ratio Dispersion, Triple-Size Stranded Design results in a realistic and natural vocal and instrument presentation.

Grandioso is a lightweight cable due to its Custom Designed Connector and Y-Split, enhancing its portability, functionality and style.

Kevlar was also introduced into the wire to increase the durability and functionality of the cables. The Kevlar enhanced structure improves the flexibility of the cable, making it more suitable for daily use, even for active use.

  • 26 AWG 4 wires

  • Selected Pure Material UP-OCC

  • Golden Ratio Dispersion, Triple-Size Stranded Design

  • Woven Kevlar-Infused Multi-Stranded Litz 

  • EA UltraFlexi™ Insulation

  • EA Custom Designed Connector and Y-Split



  • Triple size design is an upgraded version of multisided design which improves the micro detail performance, have a better harmonic in full frequency.


hfN     Headfonia.com

I really like the Grandioso simply because it’s not a cable that changes one particular area in terms of quantity or presentation. It stays true to the sound but improves technical aspects like resolution, transparency, dynamism and texture. You get closer to the true recording, and you also see your monitor’s capabilities.

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Audio Glorye     Palash, Audioglorye.com

Grandioso is not only a physical blend of Maestro & Virtuoso but also a mix of Maestro & Virtuoso's sonic improvements.

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HF-1      Headfonics.com

The Grandioso takes the holographic presentation of the Virtuoso and some of that power but refines it a bit more, especially in how it controls the low-end.
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