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Forged from Perfection, Centurion converges revolutionary technology: the industry’s first UP- OCC Gold-Plated Silver-Gold alloy cable.

Centurion’s revolutionary construction translates to unprecedented levels of resolution, accompanied by a magical tone. Expect a full-bodied midrange that revels in beauty. Sparkling highs, presented with a smooth fluidity. But even more, a sense of excellence from how they all blend together to provide a next-level experience.

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After years of experimenting with gold-plated silver and silver-gold alloy, Centurion completes the brand’s ambitions by employing the highest quality material: the industry’s first gold-plated silver-gold alloy to provide the highest levels of performance, craftsmanship and design, positioning the flagship as the most technically advanced cable to date. 

This formidable integration has resulted in an enchanting sound: deep-reaching lows that infuse your music with dynamism and power. A rich presentation that excels in balance, wherein detail is presented with both boldness and finesse.

For the first time, Centurion will come with the Titanium Shelled ConX® Interchangeable Connector allow for more possibility for changes, no longer conforming to one type of In-Ear Monitor experience. 

Centurion comes with a default setting of ConX connectors & P4.4mm termination. For other termination alternatives, please drop an email to info@effectaudio.com to pre-order.

Centurion comes with a default setting of ConX connectors & P4.4mm termination. For other termination alternatives, please drop an email to info@effectaudio.com to pre-order.


  • 26 AWG 8 Wires
  • Gold Plated Silver Gold Alloy UP-OCC
  • 7 Core-Bundling
  • Multi-Sized Stranding
  • EA UltraFlexi™ Insulation
  • Superior Pentaconn 4.4mm plugs
  • Titanium Shelled ConX® Interchangeable Connector

Twister6-1      Twister6.com

"In many pair-ups of Centurion and different IEMs, I hear a more 3D holographic space, expanding in width, depth, and height, especially in soundstage width.  The overall tonality improvement is a mix of natural and revealing, maintaining the fuller body of the sound while adding more micro-details.  It’s not a warmer or colder cable, it is more revealing, like removing a fine layer of a thin veil.  It tightens the sound, almost like the decay of notes is shorter, creating a slightly faster pace and blacker background." 



tw6_logo-new-4   Headfonics.com

"The Effect Audio Centurion is a dynamic, expansive, and exquisitely resolving cable pairing with just about every capable monitor I tested. Yes, it does out slam Code 51 and yes, it does widen the imaging field over the Horus X, markedly so."