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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame


  • US$1,699.00

Horus is the culmination of Effect Audio's experience with UP–OCC Gold plated silver, combining superior geometry and offers a highly resolved and transparent sound with a holographic stage. Its smooth and neutral tonality is accompanied by a delightful sparkle in its treble due to its ground-breaking design in geometry.

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A devout atelier's masterpiece spawned out of the need for perfection and redefined new standards for the best of its class.

Pooling all the EA experience with UP-OCC Gold-Plated Silver along with the reinvention of the Multi-Sized Stranding Ultra High Strand Counts,

Horus evolved to become the best Gold Plated Silver cable of Effect Audio, pitting itself into a class of its own.

  • 26 AWG 4 wires

  • Multi Sized Stranding Ultra High Strand Counts

  • Ultra Purity Gold Plated Silver UP-OCC

  • PSquared Connector

  • Collaboration with Oyaide EA Ferrite Guard Technology

  • EA UltraFlexi™ Insulation


THL1     Flinkenick, The Headphone list

A sense of realism that follows its resolution, as a reminder of the importance of high fidelity in making the music sound true. Add outstanding stage quality, as well as excellent ergonomics, and it’s safe to conclude Horus has earned its place among the elite.

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Twister6-1     Twister6.com

Paired with HiFiMAN RE2000: very expanded soundstage (both width and depth) with a balanced signature and a revealing tonality. Deep textured sub-bass rumble with a nice punchy articulate mid-bass. Mids are very revealing on micro-detailed level, transparent, layered, with lots of air between the layers. Treble is extended, crisp, bright, airy, revealing, and surprisingly still non-sibilant. "

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HFHeadphone     Hifi Headphones
Horus is a cable that is incredibly dynamic sounding, it is full and impactful, yet at the same time it is open, airy and detailed. It may sound contradictory, but that is really how I hear this cable. The tone is natural and organic and is never fatiguing, bringing out every subtle detail in the recording without throwing it at your face.

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