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Horus X

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"X" for infinite. "Horus X" pushes the extremities and limitations of cable design works even one-step further and its one of the finest works of art one can ever see. "Horus X" was developed specifically for only the most discerning of audiophiles and is perfectly suitable for professionals alike. Simply put, "Horus X" challenges the boundaries of perfection by showing us the infinite possibilities of creativity and craftsmanship. Made-to-Order Designed and Handcrafted in Singapore


Paired up with IEMs, it contributes to a balanced signature with more weight in bass and more resolving body in lower mids similar to C51, and at the same time, more energy and revealing details in treble similar to Horus. If you are after fine-tuning the tonality of your premium IEMs and can afford it, going between Horus, Horus X, Leo II, and Code 51 can get you there. And based on what I heard during my Horus X testing, it can perfect the tuning by adding more analog bass texture, bringing more focus to mids, and adding more treble details. In my opinion, Horus X is one of the EA more resolving, transparent, and micro-detailed cables. - Twister6.com

· 26 AWG 8 Wires · Chrome Black Carbon Fibre Y-Split & Connector 1) · Gold Plated Silver · EA UltraFlexi TM Insulation 2) · Gold Plated Silver · Multi Sized Stranding · EA UltraFlexi TM Insulation


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