Horus + Cleopatra 8W

Horus + Cleopatra 8W

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Product Description

This cable configuration generates a more precise, richer and layered soundstage. The combination of Horus and Cleopatra increases the separation of sounds with an impactful low punch and sparkly highs. By upgrading to 8 wires, it is capable to amplify the cable’s treble balance with no part of tonal spectrum emphasised over each other.

*Lead Time*
For the Bespoke service, the processing time would take 3 weeks (excluding non-working days) upon receipt of your existing cable.

For the Bespoke selection direct purchases, processing time would be 2 weeks (excluding non-working days) upon receipt of your purchase order.

Kindly send your Bespoke or Upgrade enquiries to info@effectaudio.com or let us know your desired configuration by selecting the “Bespoke” button below.

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