Horus + Leonidas II 8W

Horus + Leonidas II 8W

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This configuration inherits Horus’s exquisite tuning and Leonidas II’s meticulous mid high to alleviate a wider soundstage. The ultra-depth in lows provides strong and fulfilling punch whereas the treble is buttery smooth producing pronounced, alluring vocals. The clarity in separation are truly emphasised with this fusion. It brings you to a whole new level of detailed sonic nuance in enormous soundstage.

*Lead Time*
For the Bespoke service, the processing time would take 3 weeks (excluding non-working days) upon receipt of your existing cable.

For the Bespoke selection direct purchases, processing time would be 2 weeks (excluding non-working days) upon receipt of your purchase order.

Kindly send your Bespoke or Upgrade enquiries to info@effectaudio.com or let us know your desired configuration by selecting the “Bespoke” button below.

  • ConX (2-pin, MMCX, A2DC, Ear) - +US$50.00
  • ConX Reserve (2-pin, MMCX) - +US$50.00
  • 2-pin
  • 2-Pin Flat
  • MMCX
  • Fit Ear Straight
  • Fit Ear Right Angle
  • UE-Pro
  • Sony MMCX
  • JH24 - +US$50.00
  • P2.5mm
  • P3.5mm
  • P4.4mm
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