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Hall of Fame

Horus X

  • US$2,699

Horus X combines strong technical performance with a clear and open sound. Where Horus OCTA provides a crystal clear sound with strong dynamics, Horus X’ special blend of materials brings a musical tone to the midrange and treble frequencies.

Using two kinds of UP- OCC Gold- Plated Silver with different constructs, Horus X challenges the boundaries of perfection by showing us the infinite possibilities of creativity and craftsmanship. 

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"X" for infinite. 

Horus X pushes the extremities and limitations of cable design works even one-step further and it's one of the finest works of art one can ever see.

Horus X features 4 wires each of two different UP-OCC Gold-plated Silver materials. One of which makes up the Iconic Horus component which is well known for bringing a highly resolved and transparent sound with a holographic stage, while the other is made of a material named X which provides great smoothness and details.

Providing an all-Black Chrome Carbon Fibre Y-Split & Connector to ensure that style meets substance.