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2-way Hybrid System
Reference Tuning
Magnesium Dynamic Driver
Aluminium alloy shell
Titanium nozzle
Hand-cut natural stone
Matte finish
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12mm magnesium - alloy dynamic driver
Twin Knowles balanced armature drivers
Reference quality sound

The MU System

The MU (Modular Unit) System stands for our new approach into designing in-ear monitors. Each module houses the connectors and other key electronics within a compact unit. This allows the user to dictate how each Axiom is to be used, rather than the norm of having users adjust to the designs offered by manufacturers.

Stay tuned in the coming days as we strive to unlock additional features with the MU System.


The harsh reality of stock cables

The majority of stock cables for IEMs end up in landfills or form a part of a growing electronic waste (e-waste) problem. Most stock cables are also cost-optimised during production, eventually compromising their sonic performance. Further, stock cables are not scalable when you decide to upgrade part or all of your signal chain, leading to many of such designs being eventually discarded.


Kinder to the earth

The Axiom is designed from the ground up to be kinder to the earth. The shell is made from infinitely recyclable aluminium. We have also carefully chosen quality parts for every Axiom. Therefore, with careful usage, every Axiom is scalable and versatile enough for many years of long-term use

The packaging of the Axiom is minimal, using easily recycled paper as our primary material. Together with the omission of the stock cable, all these little things add up to make Axiom one of the most sustainable IEM designs on the market today.


Every Axiom is designed to be a passive in-ear monitor. Despite this, you will find that all Axiom IEMs are not packaged with a stock cable. We do this for a few reasons:

Cutting down on material wastage — stock cables destined for the landfill contribute to wastage.

Limitless Expression — At Effect Audio, the cable represents the heart and soul of an IEM. As different cables can affect the sounds in different ways, we would recommend you to experiment with different cable pairings with the Axiom to experience its versatility and its scalability as an audiophile product.

Do check out this season's recommended cable pairings for more inspiration.



Redefining the way entry-level units should sound.

Gives the Axiom a mid-range focus, while smoothing out the extreme frequencies for a very flat and balanced sound.


Ultra pure gold-plated copper twinned with ultra-pure silver-plated copper hybrid

The cable designed for the digital media age.

Expands the soundstage in the Axiom and creates hyper-immersive environments for digital contents like streaming, gaming and movies.


Ultra-pure Ohno-Continuous Cast (UP-OCC) Silver

Our entry-level flagship.

Presents grand vistas in soundstage, fast transients with ease. This pairing is a must-try for every seasoned audiophile and is but just a preview of what our high-end cables can do.



Every Axiom is designed to be worn comfortably for long hours. The outer shell is shaped according to the Golden Ratio, while the medical-grade titanium nozzle is designed from over 400 ear impressions and 3D scans. Together with the horn-shaped E-pro ear cushions, the feeling of wearing the IEMs disappears after a while, letting the sounds take centre stage.


Every Axiom is designed to engage the senses.

From the textures of the shell, to the coolness of the Hetian jade inserts.

The earthy, heady scent of the Axiom, created in conjunction with the Gryphon Tea Company.

And the beautiful art cards depicting the stories behind the Axiom, produced together with Singaporean artists Soph O and SKL0.

Of course, not forgetting too the sound of the Axiom: non-fatiguing, immersive and balanced, as all things in this universe should be.

The Axiom is our statement in what an audiophile product of the 21st century should be like: encompassing all of sustainability, versatility and user experience values in one product.

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Technical Specifications

  • Driver System 2-way BA-DD hybrid
  • Drivers DD: 12mm magnesium alloy driver BA: Twinned Knowles drivers
  • Linear Frequency response 20 to 16,800 Hz (-6dB)
  • Crossover frequency 4,800 Hz
  • Crossover architecture Proprietary RC architecture
  • Impedance 32Ω @ 1 kHz
  • Sensitivity 112 dB/mW @ 1 kHz
  • Weight (without cable) 10.2 g
  • MU System Modules Standard Pack (MMCX, CIEM)

Compare Models


image 5
US $1,499 Standard

2-way hybrid system

Reference Tuning

Faceplate Design

Chromed polish with hand cut Hetian Jade insert


Matte (satin) finish

Driver System

12mm Magnesium alloy Dynamic Driver

Axiom XP

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US $2,388 (guide price, tbc)

2-way hybrid system

Reference Tuning

Faceplate Design

Rose Gold polish with hand cut Hetian Jade insert


High gloss (mirror) finish

Driver System

12mm Beryllium foil Dynamic Driver