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CHIRON Leather Case - Ashen Grey

  • US$149

While high-quality HiFi equipment satisfies the discerning ears, a carefully sewn storage case satisfies the high-quality lifestyle.

Drawing inspiration from the ash-coloured tones often found in the surroundings of Mount Pelion, the CHIRON Leather Case in 2023 combines the uniqueness of the location with a touch of elegance while maintaining CHIRON’s low-key personality. Expertly hand-stitched with a new and carefully selected Ashen Grey coloured nylon thread, durability and style can be achieved perfectly. With an EA classic side-opening structure, CHIRON Leather Case ensures effortless portability for convenience. The large area of Italy Alcantara leather material can effectively cushion the external force such as accidental drops and collision. To enhance both comfort and tactile pleasure, the upper and lower sides feature 'Sully' France Goat Leather, ensuring a remarkably soft and smooth touch.

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Box diameter: 88mm
Height: 50.7 mm
Lanyard length: 140mm

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