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Heritage Series

Heritage Series

Leonidas II

  • US$999.00

Leonidas II utilises another ground-breaking design, combining selected UP-OCC Palladium-Plated Silver with Litz Silver wires in a hybrid configuration.


The application of Palladium plating results in a highly energetic presentation, combining a full-bodied sound with high levels of detail and superior staging. The perfect choice for those seeking an engaging way of uncovering more detail in their music.



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Striving for excellence, Palladium application which was introduced to the industry was added onto our cables, breaking through the industry's plateau and actualizing the perfect Leonidas II, bringing about a truly unique melodious experience.

As the cable uses a hybrid of metal stranding that includes palladium, a known high resistance precious metal and silver, a highly conductive metal. We redefined the design by incorporating the Golden Ratio to reduce the chance of different strands sharing common resonance signatures and the level of resonance detected which in turn increases the purity of the signal in the wire.

  • 26 AWG  4 Wires

  • Selected Golden Ratio Palladium Plated Silver & Litz Silver Hybrid UP-OCC 

  • Septuplet Core Bundle Litz 

  • Individually Enameled Strands 

  • Superior PSquared / P-EA Plugs 

  • EA UltraFlexi™ insulation 

  • All New Modular Y-Split Design

  • Premium Selects Burnished Case

HF-1     Headfonics.com

The 64 Audio A18 is wonderful for imaging and the level of detail it can offer and the Leonidas II laps it up probably better than any monitor than I have right now.

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Untitled-1      Headphonesty.com

Leonidas II definitely has delusions of grandeur. Soundstage dimensions are larger in all directions with generous amounts of air and spaciousness lifting the signature skywards. 

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THL1     The Headphone List

Effect Audio’s Leonidas II is refinement perfected. Bolstered by outstanding precision, holography and speed, the II excels as an industry legend’s successor with flying colours and continues to prove why palladium-plating is one of the landscape’s absolute hottest prospects.

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