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Heritage Series

Heritage Series

Leonidas II OCTA

  • US$1,999.00

Leonidas II OCTA provides a similar engaging signature from the Palladium Plated Silver & Litz Silver combination as its 4-wire counterpart, while improving in staging and dynamics due to its 8 core.

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Drawing upon Effect Audio's R&D expertise and with groundbreaking contemporary materials, which saw the industry’s first application of Palladium onto cables, we broke through the industry's plateau and actualized the perfect iteration of Leonidas in the Leonidas II, bringing about a truly unique melodious experience.


The concept of the Golden Ratio was also introduced to cut down on the chance of different strands sharing common resonance signatures as well as the level of resonance which will affect the purity of the signal in the wire.

Experience one of our most stimulating signatures, combining a high-energy full-bodied sound with twice the output and quality with the Leonidas II Octa.



  • 26 AWG  8 Wires

  • Selected Golden Ratio Palladium Plated Silver & Litz Silver Hybrid UP-OCC 

  • Septuplet Core Bundle Litz 

  • Individually Enamelled Strands 

  • Superior PSquared / P-EA Plugs 

  • EA UltraFlexi™ insulation 

  • All New Modular Y-Split Design

  • Premium Selects Burnished Case

Twister6-1      Twister6.com

if you want to push the envelope of Leo II performance further, to improve the impact of lows and to give mids a little more revealing transparency – Leo II OCTA can take you there. 

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HF-1      Headfonics.com

I get more of everything in terms of enhanced depth, more low-end power and increased treble clarity. But it is not just simply a Leonidas II X2. The Octa is a little more balanced in its timbre, less warm, perhaps more accurate as a result. The enhanced treble gives you that bite and headroom which in turn helps the mids breathe just that bit more. I am impressed, a lot. 

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hfN     Headfonia.com

Though JH Audio Layla already is packed with heaps of resolution, the Leonidas II Octa puts in considerably more. You will gain a darker and deeper background, excellent layering and imaging bar none. This is the best I’ve heard my Layla sound thus far.

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