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11.11BFCM Triple Super Sale 2022!
10 Nov 2022
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           It's the sale season again! For this year's 11.11 Singles' Day Sale, we are taking things slow. We don't want you, our dearest fans, to make rushed and impulsive purchases that may lead to regret and waste.  So instead of having only 1 day of promotions..
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Signature Series Gets An Update!
20 Oct 2022
The birth of the Signature Series was an emotional moment for us at Effect Audio. Ares II has always been that legendary product for us and it has been quite some time since its inception. We have been experimenting with various materials and internal structures and finally landed on a perfect blend that is our Ares S now. It has been about 4 months since the launch of the Signature Series and it’s time to throw in some new..
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New IEM Drop! GAEA By Effect Audio X Elysian Acoustic Labs
08 Oct 2022
Effect Audio X Elysian Acoustic Labs   In a pursuit of extraordinary experiences, Effect Audio has collaborated with Elysian Acoustic Labs to produce an innovative EA take on a hybrid In Ear Monitor. The visionary, intriguing and unforeseen partnership, a first between Effect Audio and Elysian Acoustic Labs, is the culmination of a trend of collaborations between boutique audio brands to create innovative new products that blend the best of both ..
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New Release | Cleopatra II - Pristine Sound of Nature by the Nile
07 Sep 2022
Traveling back through time Strolling along the banks of legendary Nile Birds singing, River flowing Even the sound of the wind gently brushing the end of the papyrus Bathe in the natural sound round you   From across the Nile Queen Cleopatra radiates aura From her undeniable wisdom and confidence This royal, unpretentious natural beauty ..
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New Option Release | Chiron Bespoke: Exploring Mount Pelion
31 Aug 2022
The Hermit of Mount Pelion X The Gods of The Pantheon   Opening the gateway to Mount Pelion, customers get to explore the world that Chiron live in, with infinite possibilities and potentials. Effect Audio now officially opens the gate for Bespoke cable exclusively for Chiron 4w! We highly recommend a blend of Chiron with Horus to inject some more dynamism and power while a blend of Chiron with Caliburn brings out more ..
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New Release | Chiron 4W: The Gateway to Mount Pelion
28 Jun 2022
Get Ready to Enter Mount Pelion   The Original Chiron was created with the audiophile market in mind, using top grade materials to create an impeccable blend that showcases Centurion’s Power and Horus’ Magnificence. Like an express ticket to Mount Pelion, the new Chiron 4W gives you a sneak peak into Chiron’s majestic world and what it can potentially offer at a portion of the cost. Chiron 4W is the result of achieving ..
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New Release | Signature Series Classics Reborn: Enjoy The Greatness
08 Jun 2022
        Summer is around the corner and I hope you are having a great 2022 thus far. We are here to officially share with you a piece of good news - our long awaited new Signature Series entry level line up is finally ready! ———— Suyang, Founder of Effect Audio From the 1st time experiencing Hi-Fi ..
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Your Voice Matters!
30 Mar 2022
We value your opinions. Therefore, before releasing Signature Series, we are inviting you to give our prototypes a try. To express our gratitude — Giveaway: 1. All participants will be given a 20% off Signature Series voucher 2. If your chosen prototype model was released by EFFECT AUDIO, 3 winners from the ones who have posted their reviews on Facebook will be receiving a Signature Series prod..
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New Release - The Hermit in Mount Pelion
14 Mar 2022

Chiron unveils the next chapter in the Hall of Fame series - A combination of the new flagship Centurion’s power and Horus’ magnificence.

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Unlock more sounds with Axiom Mu 「YU」
19 Jan 2022

Ever curious about how many different sounds you can unlock with Axiom Mu 「YU」?

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Make Old Sounds New Again
06 Jan 2022

Cleopatra & Horus have captured the hearts of its users for years. As the saying goes, the old that is strong does not wither. 


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Bring more out of modularisation
31 Dec 2021

The most wonderful audio experience is usually born out of those creative combinations. We’re now introducing you the EA Modularisation that you can find in no other place.

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03 Nov 2021

Effect Audio has announced in a livestream on the 29th of October 2021.

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The rebranding of Effect Audio
29 Oct 2021

We will be showcasing ourselves with a refreshed branding to continue our belief in the empowerment of EFFECT and uphold the brand value that we have held on in our hearts for the past 12 years.

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