EA Subscription Programme

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The Effect Audio Subscription Programme


The Effect Audio Subscription Programme

29 Oct 2021


Bringing you a new way to experience our cables without the burden of ownership and without the hassle of leaving your own home, empowering all our EA friends to listen differently.

 The EA cable subscription tour allows customers to have easier access to our cables before making the decision to purchase and also allowing our new friends of the audio world to come in to indulge in the EA experience.

To subscribe to the cable of your choice, add the product you wish to try out to the cart and insert the promo code, EASubscription.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. The Customer will receive a demo unit of the product he/she requested.

  2. The subscription fee will be for a one-time service only.

  3. Customer(s) can audition up to three product only at one time following the subscription fee guide based on the customer’s choice and depending of the availability of product in Effect Audio’s headquarters.

  4. Customers will pay 70% of the product(s) retail cost, the customers will subsequently pay the remaining 30% of the particular product if the customer is interested to continue with the transaction, else the customer will need to cover the subscription fee. (e.g: if the customer order a listen for Code 51 and Grandioso, the customer ends up purchasing Grandioso, the customer’s fee  would be Deposit - Grandioso cost - $99.99)

  5. The customer will have to keep in touch with us within a week after we sent it out, else the deposit will be forfeited.

  6. We will establish the return date (7 days from the received date).

  7. Inspection of the cable will be done after collection before we approve the return to the customer‘s deposit fee. Any damaged product (s) will result in the security deposit being forfeited.

  8. If the customer is looking to proceed with the purchase of the demo, he/she can just make the payment of the remaining 30%.

  9. The extension of the cable audition period can be available with the top-up of the subscription fee based on the guide above.

  10. The delivery cost will be waived for most countries, users in countries that requires delivery fee will be informed ahead of the delivery.