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Partner Earphones


  • US$1,980

by Lime Ears

Pneuma, derived from the Greek word for “breath”, is often used to refer to a man’s soul. In Greek tragedies, “Pneuma” is often used in the phrase the “Pneuma of God” depicting a historically spiritual sense that we derive breath from God. Philosophers of the past such as the pre-Socratics and Aristotle also use Pneuma to denote the elemental air in motion or “warm air”; a fitting name for this pair of IEMs – highlighting its natural, elemental and fun sounds. 


Coming in with exquisite source separation, natural width and unparalleled depth, the Pneuma delivers a pronounced, vibrant and fun auditory experience. Flip the switch and experience 2 different sound signatures. One that is a musical powerhouse with a vibrant, breathtaking sound and the other, a tamed and more analytical beast that is natural and relaxed. Choose your side with Pneuma. 




Suggested Pairings: 

  • CODE 24C: Tailored to enhance the mid-bass response and punch, perfect for those who appreciate a robust and dynamic bass line. (Usual Price $499)
  • Cleopatra II: Optimizes treble response and detail retrieval, ideal for listeners who seek clarity and crispness in high frequencies. (Usual Price: $1199)

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