VE6 Limited Silver Edition

VE6 Limited Silver Edition

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Vision Ears has held back on releasing a new flagship CIEM/IEM for years now. On a chance encounter between Amin, Marcel and Suyang, the Limited Edition 100 Pieces "VE6XC Limited Silver Edition" is borned~!!

VE6XC "Limited Silver Edition"  preserves the essence of VE6XC and offers a retuned design while wired up internally with EffectAudio's propriety Litz Silver wires that translates to precise imaging, holographic soundstage and realistic portrayal of the performance...

Technical Features:

- 6 Balanced Armature Drivers
- New type exclusive tuning designs for VE6XC,
- Optimised with EA Propriety Litz Silver internal drivers wiring
- Cabled with "Bespoke" 8wire Leonidas
- Ultra Exclusive packaging and accessories

Sound Features:
* Holographic, Precise imaging
* Extensive details retrieval.
* Visceral textured bass
* Lush and layered mids
* Airy Soundscape, Sense of space with spatial details

Available in 2 Package Options:

A) Lite Package - (US$2700) *** EU & US Only ***

Package includes :
1) VE6 X-Control Limited Silver Edition
2) Effect Audio "Thor Silver II"

B) Full Premium Package - (US$3999) *** Effect Audio & Selected Premium Dealers Exclusive ***
Package includes : 
1) VE6 X-Control Limited Silver Edition
2) Effect Audio Exclusive "Leonidas 8w"
3) Personalized Handcrafted Premium Leather Case

Available for order now through website or email to 

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