Vogue Series

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Vogue Series

Vogue Series


  • US$149.00

The implementation of silver-plating on our ultra-purity UP-OCC copper wires opens up the treble. The resulting signature is perfect for music lovers that enjoy a smooth yet remarkably clear treble, which opens up the soundstage and allows you to experience more detail.

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EA’s first SPC cable, Thor Copper, won the hearts of many audiophiles and remains highly sought, even since its discontinuation three years ago. So we are delighted to introduce Virtuoso, a silver-plated copper cable that comes with our new advanced geometry design and an even refined look to accessorise your everyday life.

To ensure portability, Connector and Y-Split were customized and designed to provide a light and functional cable for everyday use.

Kevlar was also introduced into the wire to increase the durability and functionality of the cables. The Kevlar enhanced structure improves the flexibility of the cable, making it more suitable for daily use, even for active use.

  • 26 AWG 4 wires

  • Selected Pure Material UP-OCC 

  • Golden Ratio Dispersion, Triple-Size Stranded Design

  • Woven Kevlar-Infused Multi-Stranded Litz 

  • EA UltraFlexi™ Insulation

  • EA Custom Designed Connector and Y-Split


HF-1     Headfonics.com

You get a more immersive and powerful listening experience when you move from the Maestro to the Virtuoso.

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hfN      Headfonia.com

Virtuoso gives highs more room to breathe. Treble is clean and clear, but there is no pinch, which is good. It comes off as a bit more effortless if you will. 

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